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“Your clean company proposal and clarity in what needed to be done helped us make a final decision to use Life Safety. So many other companies seemed very scatterbrained and/or lacking on the business end of giving a bad impression of their business. For me, having confidence in a company/service is a key factor in where I want to spend my money.”

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Life SafetyLife Safety Fire Protection, Inc. is a design-build fire protection company committed to the design and installation of quality fire sprinkler systems for the single-family, multi-family and commercial markets. We work hard to provide a quality product that is delivered on-time to our customers.

Established in 1989, Life Safety Fire Protection, Inc. was originally begun specifically as a residential fire protection company when the thought of a fire sprinkler system in a home was foreign to most people. Having our roots in the early residential market has provided us with a breadth of experience that you won’t find just anywhere. From conventional construction to modular and manufactured houses; luxury condominiums to affordable housing, Life Safety Fire Protection has performed strongly within the unique demands of each. We will bring this experience to your project.

During the mid-1990's Life Safety Fire Protection, Inc. expanded into the commercial market, starting with the retrofit of underutilized mill buildings being converted to mixed-use occupancies. These often challenging projects proved to be rewarding opportunities not only for our company but particularly for the communities that have benefited from the conversion of these too-long neglected beautiful old buildings into such things as luxury condominiums and unique commercial spaces. Our scope of work has continued to expand into the general commercial sprinkler market including schools, office buildings, retail and industrial projects.

To meet the ongoing service needs of our new and existing customers, Life Safety Fire Protection, Inc. provides timely inspection, testing and inspections services. We understand the importance of having a fully functional fire protection system that is maintained on a routine basis and ready to perform when needed.

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American Fire Sprinkler Association

Associated Building Contractors (ABC)

National Fire Protection Association