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“OBF extends its sincere gratitude to all your company employees who are responsible for your emergency coverage policy and to those who carry it out. Our thanks goes especially to your Thanksgiving Day emergency service employee, Justin. He was pleasant, genuinely concerned about our problem, quick to respond and very efficient to carry out his work. He was equally helpful the day after Thanksgiving in checking and reactivating our sprinkler system. Through his efforts we turned a very difficult and stressful farm situation quickly back to a nearly normal safe and protected status.”
–Bill P.

Inspection/Testing & Service

Inspection/Testing & ServiceThe National Fire Protection Association (NPFA) Standard 25 for the Inspection and Testing of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems is a comprehensive document outlining the required sprinkler system components to be inspected, tested and maintained on a routine basis.

Because each system is unique with respect to type, age and condition; Life Safety Fire Protection, Inc. will commonly visit your property prior to quoting a price for an inspection. This pre-inspection process allows us to discuss any issues our potential customer may be having with the system and we can ascertain the length of time required to perform the inspection.

We consider the type of system, the location of low point drains, the type of alarm system, jurisdictional requirements and other items so that, if awarded the contract, our technicians will arrive at your site prepared to perform their task. Our technicians are attentive to detail and are qualified to both perform the inspection and make repairs as needed with the customer's prior approval. If issues arise that require follow up, our Technical Services Manager is available to our technicians and customers to answer questions and make specific recommendations.

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