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ResidentialHome Sprinkler Systems have a proven track record of providing the critical time needed for a person to escape from a fire and allow time for a fire department to respond before the fire becomes life threatening.

Life Safety Fire Protection provides quality fire sprinkler systems to our customers. Our staff has years of experience in residential sprinkler installation and design. We keep abreast of new developments in materials that will enhance design and reduce cost to our customers. We pride ourselves on our on-time delivery and quality workmanship.

In the case of a fire, sprinklered homes statistically have less damage than a non-sprinklered home — up to 85% less. Plus, fire damage costs are 10 times greater in an unsprinklered home. Unlike commercial sprinklers, residential sprinklers are small and can be recessed. For the older home, our retrofitting experts will carefully design for your home’s needs, no matter what the age or style of the house. With retrofitting older or antique homes, we strive to minimize the visual impact on the home. After fact-finding, we design the home sprinkler system and provide you with a computer-generated design for your project, including a complete submittal package for the Fire Marshall, your engineer, and your architect.

HOW THE SPRINKLER SYSTEM WORKS: When the heat from a fire rises, the sprinkler cap drops away and the sprinkler activates at 155 degrees F. Only the sprinkler closest to the fire will activate, which will then spray water directly onto the fire. The rest of the sprinklers in the house will not activate unless there is also a fire in another location in the house. An average of 98% of home fires are contained with a single sprinkler.

Our home fire sprinkler system region covers NH, VT, MA, ME, as well as other areas. We will give you references in your area as we have experience in all of these regions.

To discuss sprinkler systems for your home, call 603-563-7700.

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